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Thread: Apple IIe Monitor a little funky

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    OK, so after testing out retrogears advice, it seems like the problem has nothing to do with the monitor, and must have something to do with the ][e its self. I plugged in my SNES, and the text going across the screen was crystal clear. Does this mean that this is going to be harder to fix than just replacing a few caps?

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    Before we go too much further, we had the same symptom on this forum a few days ago and it ended up being a corroded connection on the barrel of the video jack on the motherboard. Make sure the jack is clean of oxide
    and has solid solder connection to the board.

    Larry G

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    Perfect! I ran some steel wool through the center of the jack to knock the oxide off. I fiddled around the with the jack a little and the screen cleared right up! I think at some point when I have time I will take the board out and see if I can replace, or better clean of the oxide and resolder. Thanks!

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    I had the same problem. I STRONGLY suggest that you solder the barrel of the Apple II's motherboard video connector to the frame that it is attached to. The barrel of the video jack is only connected by friction, and if I had to guess, the metal oxidizes in the microscopic spaces between the connector and the frame. The solder ensures a secure electrical connection.
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    Please be careful about accidentally bridging the center pin to the ground.
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