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Thread: CROSS CHASE: my massively cross-system 8 bit game

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    Default CROSS CHASE: my massively cross-system 8 bit game

    Hi everyone! Thanks for accepting me!

    Thanks for the nice report on my project!

    My project is about the development of the massively cross-system game CROSS CHASE whose binaries and source code
    are available at:

    The game runs on nearly ALL 8-bit computers including some very rare systems (CBM510, CBM-II, Jupiter Ace, Mattel Aquarius, Spectravideo, etc...). New systems are going to be added to the list of supported targets.

    A point that was a bit missed in the nice positive report was that the game is a BETA.
    The game will probably never get super fancy graphics but it will get better graphics for sure in many of its targets in the coming months.
    Moreover the game is not (necessarily) character-based.
    A few months ago I produced a C64 version with hardware sprites, which is still available on GitHub in a previous release page.

    Please test the game and let me have some feed-back!

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    Welcome aboard!

    Seems a cool & fun project indeed!, it's impressive the amount of supported systems. Can't see the Camputers Lynx, it's really fun to program, you'll find it a perfect cross between a tipical japanese system and a western one (I mention japanese systems because I can see some of them in your list, e.g.: X1)

    Has it been ported always as assembler sources?, Have you used BASIC for some version?

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