I am in need of cardbus/Pcmcia Drivers for DOS and windows 3.1. What I know is the slot is a Ricoh RL5C475A, and I only have windows 9x drivers for it right now, I do know the laptop is compatible with windows 3.1, since it has compatible graphics, and also soundblaster compatible sound and it says in the manual for the machine its windows 3.1 compatible. I have tried the systemsoft cardsoft 3.1 drivers plus many others and the drivers don't seem to detect the slot in windows, the software and drivers will load, but when I than load the program , it comes up can't load because drivers aren't loaded. I was reading the readme file for the windows 9x drivers, and it says the drivers for windows 9x compatible with these devices:

RL5C476 (Dual Slot)
RC/RL/RT5C475 (Single Slot)
RL/RB5C478 (Dual Slot)
RL5C466 (Dual Slot)
RL5C465 (Single Slot)

If anyone can help me find drivers for the cardbus slot, that would be great Thanks!!