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Thread: Apple III problem - bleeps periodically

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    Question Apple III problem - bleeps periodically

    Dear vintage computer community,

    I am fairly new in the world of historic Apple computers, but already have a quite challenging task in front of me. I hope someone can help me out.
    My Apple III bleeps periodically (twice per second) after powering it on. The monitor is not showing a video output. The power led lights, the floppy drive led lights for one second. The floppy drive has been disconnected for test purposes without changing this behavior.
    After hitting the reset key, the bleeping stops and the monitor shows cryptic output (check link). Hitting command+reset makes the floppy spin for only two seconds without changing the described behavior. I inserted the Apple II emulation disk. The motherboard has been checked for obvious damages or lose contacts without a result.

    It would be great if someone of you can help me out with an idea on how to fix this issue.

    Many thanks

    Picture of cryptic video output:

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    Kind of looks like a RAM problem. You've really checked out the RAM right, like reseating it all? You might need another machine to test the individual RAM chips in.

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    I assume you have a known-working disk.

    First thing to check are your connections i.e. is everything inside plugged in correctly. If you're familiar with "re-seating chips" do that, carefully not just push them all down. You could have an issue with CPU or a ROM, or a RAM chip, etc.with that kind of screen error and beeping. Is the keyboard light coming on at all?

    If you have RAM card remove it, drop down to the least RAM configuration. Not sure if your system has any socketed RAM but you might want to switch a few around, feel if any are hotter than the others. Take careful notes and measure voltages if you know how to do that.

    Other things...Check the power supply voltages report back what you read from a volt meter. Turn off and unplug any unnecessary cards from the backplane but remember where you got them and what was plugged into them so you can put them back into the same place as-was.

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