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Thread: Apple ][e drive options

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    Question Apple ][e drive options

    I have several Apple and Mac computers, all with the same issues. None appear to have any kind of internal hard disk. Other computers aside, is there a hard disk drive made for the Apple ][e computer? I would also like info on where I can access programs for downloading programs for the Apple, and early Macs. Can anyone provide me with info regarding hardware, and other info available on these computers?

    Thanks much

    Wanted: - Complete SERIES ONE TRS-80, IBM 5170 AT, Original authentic IBM 5100 Portable, IBM 5151 Monitor. Also looking for Packard Bell 75Mhz computer, Commodore Pet w. Built-in cassette drive, amber 12 CRT, Mac SE-30 hard disk to replace the bad drive currently installed, TRS-80 Coco series 1 upgrades including memory, IBM PC 5160 compatible CD ROM.

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    There were many. I even have had an internal one. Those should actually be easy to find, I would think. They are SCSI controllers with a spot on the card to screw a hard drive onto. That really only works mechanically in a IIgs, but, a SCSI2SD or similar solution would fit on it in a ][e, I expect, and in the worst case scenario you could leave a half height SCSI drive laying inside the case somewhere. (I don't like to have that much heat inside those cases).

    I currently have an external drive on my ][+, which should work on the ][e, too, but it died a year or two ago and I haven't got round to fixing it. Plus I don't think that one is very common. Apple had the ProFile drive, which mates well with the ][e. But the SCSI route might be the most convenient to work with.

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    There is a system that would work great for your setup of Apple II and Mac computers:

    It can emulate a hard drive on either system, boot either system., and very easy to use,

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    Quote Originally Posted by phogren View Post
    There is a system that would work great for your setup of Apple II and Mac computers:

    It can emulate a hard drive on either system, boot either system., and very easy to use,
    To use the floppy-emu as a hard drive on the Apple //e, you'd need the rare Liron Unidisk 3.5 controller. The best modern Apple //e hard drive options are the CFFA 3000 (which also emulates floppies) and the MicroDrive Turbo. Rich Dreher is about to do another run of the CFFA 3000: For the //e, you'll want the disk change remote with the CFFA 3000.

    The Microdrive Turbo is available on eBay for $115: It's available from their online store for $110:

    For hard drive performance, the Microdrive is the fastest as it supports DMA, the CFFA doesn't.

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    There’s a lot of choices for the Apple II nowadays. There’s so much that I’d have to spend half an hour to list and explain everything
    The more common and easy to get ones are
    You can go with SCSI and a hard drive or one of several devices that use an SD or CF card for SCSI storage. SCSI2SD, Aztecmonster, Acard and more
    The Microdrive/Turbo.
    The SD Disk][
    The SD Smart drive uses a SD card to imitate a floppy drive or on a IIc and IIgs a hard drive.
    The Floppy Emu

    For Macs that came without a hard drive the Floppy Emu is good choice
    Or SCSI if it has the port


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