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Thread: Soyo SY-19G Bios Chip corrupted

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    Default Soyo SY-19G Bios Chip corrupted

    Greetings from Germany!(So please excuse my bad English)

    After a long time of searching throgh the Internet, Ive landed in this quite interresting and informative looking Forum.
    Maybe here someone can help me with this little problem.

    I was looking for an BIOS file of a Soyo SY-19G 386 MoBo, because my BIOS Chip got somehow corrupted.
    I started my researches about over a month ago (Took about three weeks to Identify the MB) and tried several other 386 BIOS files with no success.

    Here are some additional Information from my dumped "corrupt" BIOS Image.

    ■ ROM BIOS by American Megatrends Inc.
    BIOS ID String: 30-0100-001102-00101111-121291-BENG386
    Model: AMIBIOS (C)1991 American Megatrends Inc., 12/12/91
    Vendor: Soyo Technology Co. Ltd. Version: REV: B *** 40 MHz *** BIOS size: 64K
    Designed for: 386 class CPU

    ■ Supported features:

    It has an Eteq Chipset, 2 Chips Marked: ET82C4901 C and ET82C4903 A
    Aswell as an CHIPs P82C206 H1

    Any kind of help would be great!!

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    I have a Bios of a SY-19I. According to TH99 it is also ETEQ based. Maybe worth a try...

    (remove the zip extension)

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    I cant believe it... Your BIOS file seems to works flawlessly!! Thank you very much


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