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Thread: VAX 4000-105a disk troubleshooting

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    Here is an example of using the VAX console on a MicroVAX 3300 KA640 to connect to the built in utilities on an RF31 DSSI drive. It should be similar on a VAX 4000 with RF36 drives.

    You could also try DRVEXR and DRVTST on your RF36 DSSI drives. Just make sure you take a look at the manual and make sure you only runs the tests in non-destructive data modes until you have successfully backed up the drives and verified the backups if you want to preserve the drive contents.

    RF Series Integrated Storage Element User Guide
    Order Number: EK-RF72D-UG-008 RF72DUG8.PDF

    KA640-A V5.3, VMB 2.7
    Performing normal system tests.
    41..40..39..38..37..36..35..34..33..32..31..30..29 ..28..27..26..
    25..24..23..22..21..20..19..18..17..16..15..14..13 ..12..11..10..
    Tests completed.
    >>>SHOW DSSI
    DSSI Node 0 (VMSSYS)
    -DIA0 (RF31)

    DSSI Node 1 (VMSUSR)
    -DIA1 (RF30)

    DSSI Node 7 (*)
    Starting DUP server...

    DSSI Bus 0 Node 0 (VMSSYS)
    Copyright (C) 1990 Digital Equipment Corporation
    PRFMON V1.0 D 1-FEB-1991 08:10:14
    DRVEXR V2.0 D 1-FEB-1991 08:10:14
    DRVTST V2.0 D 1-FEB-1991 08:10:14
    HISTRY V1.1 D 1-FEB-1991 08:10:14
    DIRECT V1.0 D 1-FEB-1991 08:10:14
    ERASE V2.0 D 1-FEB-1991 08:10:14
    VERIFY V1.0 D 1-FEB-1991 08:10:14
    DKUTIL V1.0 D 1-FEB-1991 08:10:14
    PARAMS V2.0 D 1-FEB-1991 08:10:14
    Total of 9 programs.

    Task Name? DKUTIL
    Copyright (C) 1990 Digital Equipment Corporation

    DEFAULT [/qualifiers]
    DISPLAY [/qualifiers] {ALL|FCT|RCT|CHAR DISK}
    DUMP [/qualifiers] {BUFFER|type n|PBN h:t:s}
    /NZ /ECC /ALL
    GET [/qualifiers]
    /IMF /WP
    REPLACE lbn
    SET SIZE 512

    Use "GET" before using I/O commands

    Serial Number: 0000825700003132
    Mode: ADDE(X)
    First Formatted: 2-MAY-1991 13:56:09
    Date Formatted: 2-MAY-1991 13:56:09
    Format Instance: 1


    Drive characteristics for drive VMSSYS$DIA0

    Type: RF31 (512 byte mode only)
    Media: Fixed
    Cylinders: 1861 LBN, 5 XBN, 5 DBN
    Geometry: 1 tracks/group, 8 groups/cylinder, 8 tracks/cylinder
    50 LBNs/track, 1 RBNs/track, 51 sectors/track, 51 XBNs/track
    408 XBNs/cylinder, 400 LBNs/cylinder, 8 RBNs/cylinder
    Group Offset: 17 (LBN), 0 (XBN)
    LBNs: 744400 (host), 745416 (total)
    RBNs: 14888
    XBNs: 1016
    DBNs: 1632 (read/write), 408 (read only)
    PBNs: 821304
    RCT: 127 (size), 8 (copies)
    FCT: 127 (size), 8 (copies)
    Retry Limits: 16 (retry), 3 (badblk)
    ECC Threshold: 3/2 (normal), 0/0 (format)
    Revision: 10 (hardware), 50 (firmware)
    Drive ID: 3698116140420000

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    hello everybody !

    thak you all for your help and tips

    Quote Originally Posted by billdeg View Post
    I have a very detailed how to on my site about managing a vax 4000-200 running 6.x
    I will check your "how to" as soon as possible some how this week.

    There should be a drive in that set assigned to the purpose of standalone backup.
    In my system there are 3 dssi drives (only one seem to work) in the default setup is one of the 3 drives the backup drive ?

    I can fire up a vms 6 system that you can telnet into if you want to see another for comparison purposes, next week during the day.

    This would be very kind of you.

    Well, it IS part of the OS but it's intended to be able to image (not 'clone') the system disk and you'd normally do it from say the system account with no one else logged in and nothing else running. Have a quick read of the system manager's manual. It's a routine maintenance activity.
    will a backup image be bootable on another disk (does it contain "partition structure" something like MBR ?) or is a backup /image just intended to be used on exactly the same drive ?

    thank you all again, Kind regards

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    OK...SO if I understand you can boot into one of the three drives only and you're *sure* there is no drive designated as the backup drive? If you clone a drive you will be able to boot into it, assuming the source was bootable. But I suggest learning more about your system first. After you get to the $ prompt type can you run

    $ SHOW DEV D

    and tell us what you see.

    For comparison purposes run the following at the >>> prompt:

    >>> SHOW DEV

    Contact me privately when you're ready to have me turn on my system so you can telnet into it. VAX is pretty easy once you get the hang of it, I was a total newbie last year. Now I am dangerous but I can do the basics enough to support a VMS 6.x system.

    @ BillDeg:
    Twitter: @billdeg
    Youtube: @billdeg
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    I have the server up now if anyone wants to log in to use it. I have a test account and in the directory is a copy of my startup script so you can see one for comparison purposes. You can telnet in, PM me for UN/PW/Host. Use edit or print to view the file. ctrl+Z to exit/ wont hurt anything it's just a copy.

    compare with what you have in sysmgr -
    $ dir sys$common:[sysmgr]

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    Twitter: @billdeg
    Youtube: @billdeg
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    hello everybody,

    here is a little up

    my configuration is a VAX 4000-105a
    for the moment my only acces to this machine is a VT320 (as i can't find my serial to usb cable )
    i also have a storage box BA360KB not powered up for the moment.

    $ SHOW DEV D

    and tell us what you see.

    For comparison purposes run the following at the >>> prompt:

    >>> SHOW DEV
    i haved a look at the output from "$show dev d" but i can not copy/past it at the moment, i will bring it later

    >>> SHOW DEV

    -DIA0 (RF36)

    DSSI Bus 0 Node 1 (DISK1)
    -DIA1 (RF36)

    DSSI Bus 0 Node 2 (DISK2)
    -DIA2 (RF36)

    DSSI Bus 0 Node 7 (*)

    DSSI Bus 1 Node 5 (*)

    SCSI Adapter A, SCSI ID 6
    -DKA400 (DEC RRD43)

    Ethernet Adapter
    -EZA0 (08-00-2B-94-8E-53)

    As i have a ethernet adapter i need some help to configure it trying to acces the machine this way.


    This is a nonrouting node, and does not have any network information,
    The designated router for LYN003 is node 0 LYN003.

    when i try to configure network i have the following error message :
    -RMS-E-FNF, file not found

    show device EZA0 says status online

    How can i check TCPIP service status and configure network ?

    Just for information Billdeg the keyboard issue i pm about was a VT320 configuration issue (as i'm not used to this terminals .... i searched a lot arroud )

    i also walked through the links you provide found some usefull infos like

    but regarding my system dir UCX seems to be installed.

    so some hints would be helpfull

    kind regards

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    Hi again

    finally found my tcp/ip config using "ucx show interface" :

    question is it save to change the ip adress of a OpenVM server ? at this time i only use show "query" commands in order to not destroy anything.

    What are your recommandations if i need to change the IP address ?

    Kind regards

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    I use multinet. I'd have to look up the location of the configuration file (s)

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    Certainly no expert, but I have UCX installed on my VAXstation.

    You can certainly change the IP address of a VMS server as much as you wish. The recommended and easiest way of changing it is using the configuration manager, either using @SYS$MANAGER:UCX$CONFIG or @SYS$MANAGER:TCPIP$CONFIG. It's a simple menu based system and is simple as following the on screen instructions.

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    After a bit sleeping and lot of readings i found the IP adress of the VAX 4000 and so was able to connect to openVMS without changing its network configuration via a second Ethernet interface i added to my computer :

    ┌──────────────────────────────────────────── ──┐
    └──────────────────────────────────────────── ──┘

    Username: SYSTEM
    Welcome to OpenVMS VAX version V6.2 on node LYN003
    Last interactive login on Sunday, 12-NOV-2017 17:44
    Last non-interactive login on Monday, 3-JAN-2000 16:57

    so i reconnected all the dssi drives to provide the informations you asked for.

    Note the external storage box is not connected at this moment.

    here is the output about disk configuration from inner system

    $ SHOW DEV D

    Device Device Error Volume Free Trans Mnt
    Name Status Count Label Blocks Count Cnt
    DNFS0: Online 0
    LYN003$DKA400: Online wrtlck 0
    SYSTEM$DIA0: Mounted 0 OPENVMS061 90400 467 1

    compare to device configuration from terminal prompt

    -DIA0 (RF36)

    DSSI Bus 0 Node 1 (DISK1)
    -DIA1 (RF36)

    DSSI Bus 0 Node 2 (DISK2)
    -DIA2 (RF36)

    DSSI Bus 0 Node 7 (*)

    DSSI Bus 1 Node 5 (*)

    SCSI Adapter A, SCSI ID 6
    -DKA400 (DEC RRD43)

    Ethernet Adapter
    -EZA0 (08-00-2B-94-8E-53)

    can you identify a disk backup configuration regarding the above informations ?

    As my goal is still to backup the most data possible from the old hard drives and especially system drive before i loose anything.

    any help in achieving my goal will be the most apreciated

    Kind regards,

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    From the >>> prompt try

    >>> b/1 Dia0:
    SYSBOOT> continue

    Enter the date if asked and then run
    show dev d

    ... if you make it to the $ prompt. At least one of these three will be a backup utility drive I bet.

    Repeat for dia1 dia2.

    If show dev d shows one or both of the other drives as MOUNTED then that's a main boot disk and you need to understand what that drive's is doing.

    If you can find an external drive just for backups that might be thr way to go. My initial instinct is that dia0 will be the boot drive and one other will be a 2nd data 9r program drive. The 3rd will be a backup utility drive. Backups would have been to the network tape.


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