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Thread: Seikosha SP-1000AP DIP Switch Settings?

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    Default Seikosha SP-1000AP DIP Switch Settings?

    Does anyone know what the DIP switch settings for the Seikosha SP-1000AP are? I'm trying to go through and test all my Apple II stuff, but I'm having trouble with this printer because I don't have the manual for it and have no idea what the DIP switch settings control or where they need to be set for my setup. I thought it could possibly use the same settings as the ImageWriter (as it's supposed to be ImageWriter compatible and the switch groupings are the same), but I tried to set the switches according to that documentation and it didn't work. I can get the printer to go into a self-test mode by holding down the "Line Feed" button while powering it on, but I'd love to know if the serial port on the back is actually functional, too.


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    Well, if anyone can get the settings to me in the mean time, I'd still appreciate it, but since I found somebody selling the owner's manual on eBay I went ahead and bought it:

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    I hope I find it worthwhile using this printer, because I just went on a day long repair session that started with an attempt to clean what I thought were stuck pins and ended with completely disassembling the print head so that I could re-solder wires that had somehow broken off a couple of the solenoids. xD


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