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Thread: Suggestions for S100 debug card with 4K+ Eprom storage, RS232 and I/O disable

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    Default Z-80 ICE board

    I remembered something from the past and had to look it up:

    1- billdeg has his own nifty and magnanimous site.
    There is an article on his site about s-100 troubleshooting using Z-80 ICE board
    that might be of interest to you:

    2- There are commercial as well as do-it-yourself Z-80 ICE boards that
    you can look for and try,


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    Hi Folks, Thanks for the new info.

    Dwight where might I find a Poly88 CPU board and what is a fair price for one ?

    There are some Thinker Toys SwitchBoards that have UARTs and EProm. Lots of jumpers and pins on the IO connectors. So far I couldn't find documentation on the board. Does anyone know where I might look?



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