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Thread: New Project...

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    You probably have figured it out but you can separate the actual monitor housing from the "white" case by removing the 4 nuts located internally in the case - recommend doing this as there will be rust between the gap where the monitor housing meets the case. Actually easier then to get the CRT back into the housing afterwards.

    If you find you need any bits to get the keyboard working (shift lock key excluded) just PM me....

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyG View Post
    (shift lock key excluded)
    ..darn it!

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    they are so fragile saving that for myself !!

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    The rust has gathered under the sticker that it has started to loose it's adhesive. So it was easy to peel off. The other stickers (serial and cautions) are more difficult so I probably will need to use my hairdryer or heatgun to get it off.

    Thank you for the kind offer of the keyboard, I will hold you to that! What I plan to do is glue some small bolts into the crumbled holes.of the keyboard mouldings and use the nuts to in place. This way I can still use the original keyboard.

    I was way ahead of you there.. see photo..
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    Is there a schematics for the board, including fault finding and scope pictures?

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    For schematics and a tonne of other info on the PET, try The url below will take you to the schematics.

    For fault finding, obviously that can be more difficult with these old machines, this forum, cbm hackers, and the internet in general.

    Also you might find this useful

    (Tynemouth Software has a blog detailing a number of repairs he has carried out on various revisions of the PET which maybe of help...
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    Does anyone have the measurement of the screws that holds the board to the moulded plastic? Just need to know the diameter, otherwise I will have to borrow a micrometer from work.

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    Here's a photo of the Audiogenic Petset
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    Apologies for the delay. I received news that I have to move out so got very busy to get this ready for the move. (amongst other things)

    So here's the result of the sand blast and respray. Not bad eh? The monitor has no EHT so that is next to sort. I also need hinges so got some temporary hinges for now to help keep it steady on the base. The monitor threads need retapping so that will be next too. (ugh)
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    You are doing a really good job there and should be very proud of your efforts!

    It could well have ended up in a landfill but it is looking back to it's best and saved for the future, well done!!


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