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Thread: Installing Windows 95

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    So I have finally gotten the Toshiba t1910cs laptop running good. New main board capacitor and new floppy drive belt. I did some poking around on it and Toshiba included a nice program to create system disks so I made all those and did a clean re-install or DOS 6.2 and Win 3.1. Wish I would have pulled off this cute little tutorial on it before I fdisked. It was so 1994 is was amazing! Maybe Ill yank the hard drive and see if maybe it can be recovered with the right software. (software suggestions for deleted file recovery?).

    However, onto my next question. Tried out my Windows 95 install floppy's and I got as far as the point on disk 2 where the computer reboots out of the blue screen and mouse works before I was having "corrupted cab" files from bad floppy sectors. Man I wish floppy disks lasted forever.

    No worries, I backed those disks up years ago onto my network hard drive. So I go to re-write the images to a new diskette, and winimage says my floppy drive isn't supported. Apparently the floppy drive connected via USB to my main laptop doesn't support the 1.68MB DMF format that windows used on those floppy's. Ugh. So now I need to either buy an external cd-rom drive and install Win95 via CD, or somehow find a computer with an actual "floppy" drive built in that can support DMF format. So wish Floppy's were still mainstream.

    Anyone have any suggestions for a work around? I was toying with the idea to split up the cab files for each disk essentially making two 1.44mb formatted disks for each one 1.68mb DMF and when the computer errors that cannot find file xxxxx, to switch disks. In "theory" that should work. My ultimate goal is to actually leave windows 3.1 installed and then install Win95 in a different directory and try to dual boot both for some nostalgia. Thanks!!

    Here's some pictures. Just cause I love this thing!


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    You can get the WIN95 files from the .IMG files onto your HD with WinImage.

    Then, you can manually 'extract' all the individual files from the CABs that were on the original floppies and then put them all on 1.44 floppies (however they fit) to copy to your Toshiba.

    Put them all into one directory and run Setup.
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    The last time I needed to do that, I used an Adaptec AHA 358 parallel-to-SCSI adapter and a SCSI CD-ROM drive. But that was a long time ago.

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    A couple other options: Use a ZIP tool that spans floppy disks. Just zip up your setup folder from wherever to the floppies, then unzip them to a setup folder on the hard drive, then run setup from there.

    Another option is to do a quick search for "Windows 95 (3.5-1.44mb)". That should give you something you can write with a lobotomized USB floppy drive.

    Note that no matter which media source you use, you really want to copy the 95 setup folder (or all the CABs from the floppys) to a folder on the hard drive and run setup from there. Much, much, faster, and you don't have to wait through an entire setup just to find out the last disk is faulty.

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    Good suggestions, thanks guys! I'll do some digging and probably just use the zip option. Just a bummer these floppy drives aren't what they used to be. I may bring it to work, I think one of our older windows xp pc's has a floppy drive.

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    On the bright side, you just saved yourself from installing Windows 95 via floppy.
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    SomeGuy's tip about copying the W95 media to a HD directory is the best way to go for my money. I think it's even better than the W95 boot disk and installing from the CD. Why? One less device and its latent idiosyncrasies when dealing with cranky old equipment. Just my opinion.

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    Ahhh! You guy's are no fun!! :P Half the fun of these old machines is the nostalgia of installing windows off antiquated media and getting them to boot for the first time.

    Nonetheless, after I try and recover the tutorial, I think I'll just load them onto the C drive and install from there.


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