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Thread: ISO TRS-80 software

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    Post ISO TRS-80 software

    Please help...

    I own a very nice TRS-80 Model 4, and multiple boot discs, but I dont have any kind of application software. What I am looking for are some production software such as word processing, and spreadsheet apps of any kind. Also, I am looking for some games, like chess, and card games, including solitaire games and other games that will run on my Model 4....

    Unfortunately, I also donít know how to use my IBM 5150 to create single sided floppies either. I also dont have the know-how to make TRS-80 Model 4 discs from disc images. So, Again, if someone can send me instructions to create the properly formatted diskettes, I would be delighted. Fff

    I am not asking to bypass copyright protection either. Software should be written on single sided floppy disc.

    If someone is out there who has some software, please send me a private message with the software title and your prices, and weíll see what we can do to make a deal.

    Hopefully, we can come up with a deal that we will both be happy about.

    Thanks much.

    My Collection: IBM 5150 with authentic working 5161 Expansion Unit and addditional stock IBM 5150. One IBM 5160 XT - One IBM 5155 1 - Mac SE FDHD, Apple IIe and TRS-80 Model 4, TRS-80 Color Computer Model 1

    Wanted: - IBM 5170 AT, Original authentic IBM 5100 Portable, IBM 5151 Monitor, and anything else that catches my eye.

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    While I don't use all those other *OS boot disks for the Model 4, or do games, the following CP/M URL's should
    keep you busy downloading for the next several months for your CP/M Boot disk.

    There are also the following archives that are on the Internet for downloading. Google for them:
    Don Maslin's Archive
    OakCPM ISO's
    Walnut Creek Archive
    Sourdough Jim's Archive


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    There are some disk images on the Imagedisk site that you might find helpful.

    Imagedisk is not hard to use if you can get the images and Imagedisk software to your XT. I used an external Backpack 3.5 inch drive, and then later built one of Sergey's FDC Boards which let me attach a high density 3.5" drive directly. ( )

    Also, check in with Ira on who will make you diskettes for a donation to cover his costs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Al Hartman View Post
    Imagedisk is not hard to use if you can get the images and Imagedisk software to your XT.
    Why is that necessary? Getting that material on your tweener is quite sufficient to do the job. And most tweeners are also well connected, if you know what I mean.
    If you're looking for DS/DD or DS/HD 3Ĺ" or 5ľ" floppy disks, PM me. I've got some new, used, and factory over-labeled disks for sale.

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