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Thread: Sears / Kmart (near) free stuff for the Holidays (USA)

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    Cool Sears / Kmart (near) free stuff for the Holidays (USA)

    For those who are into online shopping: Sears / Kmart are nearly giving away the store. Sign up for a Shop Your Way card and rack in (near) free stuff. Between online sweepstakes, surprise points (personalized coupons) and regular coupons coupled with sales / promotions it is easy to get loads of stuff (near) free.

    Examples include Lego, apparel, tools, automotive supplies, groceries: you name it. Pretty cool.

    Sadly they will probably collapse early 2018. So get it while you can.

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    I've been a Shop Your Way customer for a couple of years, mostly interested in tools.

    Very little in the area of tools is made outside of China; Sears used to be proud to offer "made in USA" hand tools. No more. The warranty on most of their inventory has been weakened substantially, to the point of "defects within 90 days of purchase" instead of the "break it--we'll replace it forever" policy of old.

    Their power tools often have even weaker warranties. I may splurge on the Black Friday sales and get a set of screwdrivers--for name brands, their prices are no better than anyone else.


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