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What bells and whistles in particular?
Amongst the upgrades i've spotted: The full height FDD has been replaced with a half-height, the PSU has been replaced with a significantly beefier one, the system has been fitted with a Hercules graphics card, it's been expanded to a full 640k, it has a RTC board, and a serial I/O card that adds DB-9 serial plus another DB-25 connector. In addition, I got a matching XT protocol keyboard and Amdek data display with it!

Work in progress shot; pictured with my PC/AT middleman system and - mostly offscreen to the right - the Gateway 4DX2-50v that now is finally getting a break since it's not my only viable middleman anymore.

In terms of the things that need fixing, the HDD was offed in what seems to have been in a particularly nasty head crash (pending complete refit with a XT-IDE and DOM) and the floppy drive urgently needs relubed, which i'll be taking care of as soon as i get some suitable grease in a few days. The case itself is in eerily similar shape to that of the PC/AT I picked up at VCFest: Interior's almost immaculate but the top has some slight rusting to scour off and repaint. Fortunately the motherboard, RAM and expansion cards all past muster.