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Thread: Original Altair 8800 in kit form

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    Default Original Altair 8800 in kit form

    Just purchased a lot of vintage computers. I aquired 2 IMSAI 8080 , an ICOM Attache' , 2 SOL-20, various 8 inch Altair floppy drives, NorthStar 5 1/4 drives, a part of a Pertec 300/55 system including the Hard drive controller and Hard drive itself (Very Heavy !), and an original Altair 8800 in kit form. Is the Altair kit valuable in the day and age of people making reproductions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Capri388 View Post
    Just purchased a lot of vintage computers.....
    "Where did you get all these toys r us?"

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    Short answer, yes. Rather.

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    I’d say, put that kit on eBay and watch the bids roar in.

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    Originals are always worth more than reproductions it seems -- the few original OSI boards I've sold go for way more than the reproductions Dave and I have made. I'd imagine it's even more so with Altair stuff. Finding a vintage, unbuilt kit is extremely rare, and you'll have two main groups fighting over it: those who want to *build* it, and those who want it as part of their collection.

    Very good equipment haul, by the way. I keep telling folks that this stuff isn't as rare as some people want you to believe, it's just a matter of getting out there and finding it. The real deals aren't sitting on eBay.

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    It was an online auction that was local. Got a lot of other cool interface stuff as well


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