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Thread: Tiny, Wireless 8008 Emulator

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    Default Tiny, Wireless 8008 Emulator

    I just finished this up well enough to show:

    This is an ESP8266-based Intel 8008 emulator, running SCELBAL and the Shooting Stars game from flash. It's only about 1" x 2" x 1.5" in size, and housed in a dollhouse-sized walnut case somewhat reminiscent of 1970's hobby machines. No front panel, though. not bad for $5.00 or so of parts. The wood cost more!

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    Looks cool, where is the code available from?


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    Neat! Way cheaper than the real thing, and a lot less annoying to interface with, I bet

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    Default Source Code available

    Quote Originally Posted by 8008guy View Post
    Looks cool, where is the code available from?

    I've put the code in the Hackaday project. It includes and runs:
    Shooting Stars
    Mike Willegal's mini-monitor
    Microsystems International Monitor

    I hope that I've given appropriate credit to all who help preserve this code, including, but not limited to:
    Dave Dunfield
    Herb Johnson
    Mike Willegal (who I'm fairly certain peruses this site)

    All in all, I'm pleased with the results although the code is icky. I've been doing this.."for a while"...and I still can't believe how this was done with about $5.00 of parts.

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