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Thread: Xenix 3.2f Assistance

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    Default Xenix 3.2f Assistance

    Looking to fix my version of Xenix to become Y2K compliant... If I remember correct there was a fix way back when.. I did find this file on the net.. (xnx427d) Not sure how to install it or what command to do. I will file transfer it from a Windows machine to the Xenix box in a directory.. but then what?? Also need to make sure it's compatible with 3.2f... The website states: "* Xenix 2.3.2 through 2.3.4 require the application of SLS xnx427d.* There are no patches for Xenix versions prior to 2.3.2."... So I'm above 2.3.2... it also explains to extract it on a floppy and then install.. but how? Just run the name from the directory??

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    Hello all.. I've successfully extracted the xnx427d file but I think it was meant for the 80386 processor... Anyone have or know where I can get the Y2K patch for Xenix on a 286 machine? Thanks in advance!


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