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Thread: Model 4P Screen brightness

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    It's a bit like a brief vertical hold type wobble but after a few minutes it settles down. I need to dig around my floppies and find some more non-model 1 disks, sure I've got some Model 3 disks kicking around since I didn't let them go with the machines. Still kicking myself about letting those go but space was at a premium at the time.

    There was a fault with bits 5 and 6 right up at the top end of RAM so I changed those for some compatible NOS Samsung 4164s that I happened to have and we're off
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    My Model 3 was doing a vertical roll randomly that got worse and worse. Was a logic chip on the board. Keep an eye on it, and if you can video it, it might help lead you to the right area. Granted that board has most of its logic in the arrays.

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    I spent quite a while trying to film an actual blip but failed miserably. I'm going to be going through some disks tonight if I can find them, see what effect that has on the screen.

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