Free: Iomega Bernoulli 10+10. Might work, includes two disks. Pickup in Germantown MD.
(I won't turn down a little cash for the things I am offering, but mostly I am trying to find the right home for this stuff.)
I have a number of other items to give away also, still deciding what will go and what will stay. Get in touch to discuss.
At this time I will not ship, you have to pick up, but I will buy you lunch so we can talk after the pickup!

Some of this will go, just not sure which yet:

Atari 800 (or two or three).
IBM PC, monochrome monitor, parts, docs, software.
Apple IIe and parts and docs.
Low serial number Osborne luggable.
Kaypro II luggable.

Send me a message with your phone number and I will get in touch. Thanks!