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Thread: Aluminum, Zinc, Brass casting?

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    Yeah, agree that fitting nuts onto bolts in engine bays can be a problem. I've not run one off yet to try but next time you have access to a 3D printer, this "finger nut wrench" looks useful: I'm thinking a workalike could be fashioned from an offcut of PVC conduit or the neck of a PET bottle.

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    The job wasn't done with much in the way of tools at all--although your biggest flat-blade screwdriver does help in getting the rear caps off. Example here. I usually send my better half away when doing a job like this--I can be as nasty as I want then.

    Inevitably, one of the push-in fasteners flew off somewhere into the body, but I've got plenty of spares.

    As the video illustrates, there's a good reason for using genuine Philips lamps--the market has been swamped with Chinese counterfeit junk to the extent that Philips now puts a hologram and security codes on the packaging that you verify on their web site.


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