I'd like to pull out my IBM RT sometime soon and give it the once over.
Rather than reinstall AIX again and be limited to whatever IBM put on the disks, I was hoping to try AOS (a.k.a. IBM 4/3, based off BSD 4.3) but I can't find it.

I also read on the old newsgroups that people were working on porting NetBSD themselves, at it appears it was released and working at some point, but I can't find any of that either.

If anyone can point me in the right direction that'd be great.

Ultimately my goal here is to move to a slightly more flexible OS where I might possibly be able to compile a driver for alternative video, storage, or network options.
My biggest issue is that my Baseband adapter is faulty, I can't find a replacement, and I don't have any other network drivers for AIX and the VRM to use anything else.

Machine is a Model 135 RT, 16MB RAM, 380MB x 2 EESDI.