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Thread: What Vic 20 version is this?

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    Default What Vic 20 version is this?

    Hallo Everybody,
    I just got a Vic 20 (ehrr.... a VC20) having the keys as per attached photos.
    I have 5 Vics, included a 'first version 2nd rev.' with the 'old' black power supply and c64 style keys. The others are 'standard' Vics with c64 style keys and the 'newer' power supply.
    When I got this one I decided to restore it because it was incredibly dirty, so I opened the case and took all keys off and cleaned everything. Looking at the 'keys black support' I found that at its right there were the holes for the numeric keys as on the PET's...
    Keys aren't the PET ones, as you can see, but neither the 'c64' style.... I wasn't able to find anything around.
    Any info?
    Thanks in advance
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    These are "Eurostile" keys. I have one of these too.

    More info here:

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    So have I. I always wonder how common they are.

    Mine like this has the earliest power supply: black smooth plastic and a two pole plug on the secondary.

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    @snuci thanks for the link, very useful for understanding
    @KC9UDX mine has the c64 'DIN' power supply... and mustard function keys...

    As far as I'm understanding, there are not only the intermediate versions of vic 20, but also intermediate of the intermediate ones...

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    Thank you both, very useful info


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