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Thread: RLX 1000 RAM Expansion - Please Help

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    Default RLX 1000 RAM Expansion - Please Help

    I made a post back in January regarding the RAM upgrade for the RLX 1000 - an upgrade kit containing four ZIP chips was once sold separately, but I can't find either the kit or any details as to what components were included. All I've ascertained is that the chips were 256k x 4, 100 ns DRAM. The closest thing I've found so far would be these:

    Do you think these might work, or at least is there any harm in trying? I'm willing to take a gamble but I don't want to risk damaging the machine.
    I really want to upgrade my RLX so I can convert some old files. If anyone can give me some info - even pull the cover off their RLX-B and give me the part numbers on those four chips - I'd really appreciate it.

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    I think any 256x4 100ns or faster ZIP chips will work in the RLX. These were cheap enough I ordered a few sets to test myself:

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    Those are the exact ones I was thinking of ordering, thanks for the tip and do let me know how you make out.

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    Those MICRON MT4C4256Z-7's from eBay worked fine. The RLX-B Non-HD I tested them in had already been upgraded with TI TMS44C256-80SD's but they seem to be non-existent now. Larger pictures here:

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    I had to do the same to upgrade the video RAM on my 1000RSX. No information available on the no-longer-existant Radio Shack upgrade pack, so I sourced some DIP equivalents to the JIP packages on the motherboard. Installed them, and it worked just fine.


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