Hi all,
it's the serial terminal month so I was checking my oldest one, a Tektronix 4107 from 1983 and it's dead, it powers on, CRT works (I can tell using the self-test button), the fan comes on and 4 leds (three red, one green) light on some PCBs, the capslock led on the keyboard flashes forever, reset button doesn't seem to do anything to the status of the machine.
Now, it's a huge piece of electronic art. It has 4 separate PCBs for logic and two PCBs for the CRT part, plus two PCBs for the power supply. I didn't find any service manual nor a schematic online. I stared for some time at the thing, after having removed the top cover, wondering how one is supposed to take apart the electronic boards to start probing on them (I would like to scope the CPU clock, reset lines and so on, just to guess what might be wrong).
Anyone out there having a service manual or even a "simple" schematic of this terminal?
Does anyone know how to remove the electronic boards?
Thanks in advance.

Frank IZ8DWF