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Thread: Atari 800 (not XL) blank screen

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    Yeah that's what I'm thinking. But how do you clean well inside the sockets?? They don't come apart do they?

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    For the IC sockets, I just work the chip out and back in. This has been sufficient for all but the worst cases. Usually if I clean the card edge connectors, then work the card in and out of the socket a few times, that takes care of it. I did have to go a step further with the cartridge slots. I wrapped a very heavy paper shop towel around the contact edge of a cartridge (the board removed from the cartridge case), then wet the towel with isopropyl alcohol and work that combo in and out of the affected slot. It has to be a reusable type of paper towel so that it won't just disintegrate, or a very thin cloth.


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