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Thread: Booting Model 4P from hard drive

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    Default Booting Model 4P from hard drive

    I've been unable to find the instructions for creating an LSDOS 6.3.1 bootable hard drive for a Model 4P. Does anyone have a link or can post the instructions? All the instructions I've found still require booting from a floppy.

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    The 4P shouldn't require a boot floppy.
    Rick Ethridge

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    Gazza is probably best to answer this but basically all 4Ps have the undocumented ability to boot from a hard drive but Tandy, for whatever reason, chose to not publish details and forced buyers to use a boot floppy making booting hard disk systems consistent across the Model I/III/4 series.

    In some publications back in the 80s or 90s (check Misosys Quarterly Spring 1990, and Bits & Bytes Issue # 100)) articles were published on how to achieve auto boot from the hard drive which involved setting up the hard drive partitions in a particular way (drive 0 must be 203cyl/1head), and patching the boot sector and the operating system to enable the auto booting. Patch the drive wrong or have any other hiccup and you lose everything on the drive and need to re-format it and start again.

    Tandy probably saw the potential for unskilled customers trying to patch their systems and loose all their work (thus getting lots of customer complaints) and decided against making the auto HD boot feature known.

    That's my take on it.
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    Google for : HDBT2/TXT, that should get you the latest version.

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    Thanks, everyone. I'll go look for the file.

    MM CP/M was easy. It just worked.


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