Preorders are now open for the GW-A680-1 Altair 680 protoboard:

Thanks to smp for verifying hole spacing! Specs as follows:

* Same layout as prototype run (seen here: )
* Blue solder mask
* Hard gold edge plating (real hard gold, not ENIG)
* Holes sized to accommodate 2W carbon comp resistor leads without drilling (allows inserting multiple 24 AWG wires or component leads for point-to-point wiring)
* 5V regulator footprint and bulk decoupling capacitor footprint

Boards will be run at PCBCart, the same fab that does the XT-IDE boards and John Monahan/ boards. I expect them to cost around $25-35 apiece, but the final price will depend on how many boards are preordered. I typically order 40-50% more than the preorder quantity for people who missed out.