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Thread: Superbrain help please

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonB View Post
    Hey zippysticks

    You're in the South East of the UK? Where? I'm on the Coast near Brighton. I have Superbrains (yes, plural!) and boot disks. Happy to share.

    One thing to look out for is custom ROMs (right above the 7 key on the keypad). A common hack was to get access to all 40 tracks on the floppy drive (default is 35) and this can prevent stuff from working (although not the boot, to be fair). At least one of the Maslin images is a 40 tracker.

    [edit: I see you have an Intertec ROM, good!]

    The other thing to look out for is 60hz CP/Ms (I think all the Maslin images are 60hz). These will set the video chip to 60Hz rather than 50Hz and this results in a dreadfully corrupted display.

    You can PM me if you want to know more.

    Hi Jon,

    I'm in Horsham so not too far. Thanks for the offer. Pretty sure I just need a boot disk and perhaps a Kermit or other PC link up program to get this Superbrain working - will PM.

    By the way have just acquired a broken Acorn Electron for its keyboard to try and replace the two I have missing. Have just offered up so far and I'm not sure yet but they look ever so slightly smaller than the Superbrain keys but should still fit on the plunger that has snapped in both cases.

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    I don't think they are the same. Try taking a switch from the SB and Electron, see if it's got an SMC logo on it.

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    You are right of course - keycap has different profile and switch configuration is different. Back to plan A to salvage mechanism from on of my (broken) BBC masters.

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    Ah.. you didn't say you had a broken Master. And here's me telling you to get switches from Retro Clinic. LOL.


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