hi,im not much into tech stuff and the internet is pretty slim on ifo as im not searching the right things?
but im currently finishing the cleanout of the GMT building that shut down in 1999?
apearently they made computer stuff i.e wafer boards for commodore computers?
ive pretty much tossed alot of stuff into the dumpsters sorry guys had i known well yeah.......
ive only decided to "research" because ive found about 500 new never shipped wafers dated 1980-86 most are dated 1985 in plastic cases maybe 20 in each also have a bunch of other computers and related things all marked commadore in some way.. but im hoping someone can guide me into what i might look for before i trash anything else as apparently i tossed some sort of rare computers worth alot of money commodore 65's? but anyways any input would be helpful and are wafers any good or supporting systems have any value?