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Thread: Seeking HD replacement for Mac SE30

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    Default Seeking HD replacement for Mac SE30

    Along with the 15 or 16 computers in my vintage computer colllection, I own a Mac SE30 with a failed internal hard disc drive. Sadly, I havenít been able to locate a replacement that is known to function properly.

    Does anyone here have a working replacement that has been tested? As always, please send me PM, with your price and shipping options to postal code 97477.

    Thanks much..

    My Collection: IBM 5150 with authentic working 5161 Expansion Unit and addditional stock IBM 5150. One IBM 5160 XT - One IBM 5155 1 - Mac SE FDHD, Apple IIe and TRS-80 Model 4, TRS-80 Color Computer Model 1

    Wanted: - IBM 5170 AT, Original authentic IBM 5100 Portable, IBM 5151 Monitor, and anything else that catches my eye.

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    Any 50 pin SCSI drive should work, you just won't be able to have partitions larger than 2 GB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mdanh2002 View Post
    SCSI2SD is also available at or and the project page for it with documentation, downloads, etc is at .

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    My suggestion, if you have experience, try replacing the capacitors on the electronics board.

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    Another vote for SCSI2SD!! I am using an 76GB 10k RPM HDD in mine, but once it dies I will be going SCSI2SD, slowly replacing all my spinning drives as they die.

    Quote Originally Posted by GiGaBiTe View Post
    Any 50 pin SCSI drive should work, you just won't be able to have partitions larger than 2 GB.
    You can do larger partitions in OS 7.5.3+, however LOTS of space gets wasted with the huge block size, the larger the partition the more space gets wasted, I tend to keep the partitions about 4-8gb, decent compromise, not too many partitions, but not too large of a block size.
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