I've just picked up a Kodak/Diconix 150 Plus printer - it was in the 1 Bargain Bin at a local camera shop (of all places) and I needed a printer for my Libretto 110CT, so how could I refuse?

Anyway, the problem is, it didn't come with any documentation.

Does anyone happen to have a manual set for these printers?

Failing that - I'd really appreciate a copy of the DIP switch list! - while they seem to be similar to the Diconix 150 (non-plus) settings, there are some key differences. The Windows 3 drivers allude to this: "DIP 6 down, others any position" (Epson FX emulation) for the 150, "A3 up, A9 down" for the 150plus.

The WordPerfect driver gives away a little more: for the 150, Switch 6 is up for IBM emulation mode; this is switch 3 on the 150 Plus. The 150 Plus apparently has a 10-pitch font controlled by SW9 (up=on), which would imply that the country code table has changed too (controlled by SW7, SW8, SW9 on the 150).