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Thread: TMC-950; a CF61891FN clone?

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    Default TMC-950; a CF61891FN clone?

    They use the same amount of pins on each side (17 x 4), and the Linux driver for the Seagate ST01 (seagate.c) claims that Future Domain cards using a TMC-950 are mostly compatible, with very minuscule differences that need to be checked over for them to work correctly in the driver. Not sure if these differences are within the IC itself...

    Granted that most Future Domain cards don't even use PLCC sockets for the main chip, it would be a pita to swap it in for a regular CF61891FN. But it would be interesting to test...
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    Interestingly as of note, the TMC-841 card uses a real CF61891FN chip. I imagine that patching Future Domain ASPI/CAM drivers to work with real ST01 cards would work with ease.

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    Conclusion; this appears to be an enhanced CF61891FN clone with enhancements carried over from the TMC-830 card, which made the SCSI logic entirely out of PAL chips. Also, as another fun fact; earlier Future Domain cards needed the assistance of Seagate designers in order to create them. These probably explained why they used Texas Instruments SCSI chips in the first place.
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    Fascinating to know that Future Domain cards had anything to do with the Seagate ones. Thank you for the good read!


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