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    Hi all, I am new to the forum. I just purchased an Apple IIgs to play around with. I had one as a kid. It is the ROM1 with a 256kb memory card installed. I wanted to get advice on what other upgrade cards i should get for it. More than likely I will be using it for vintage gaming but would like to setup an interesting computer. I guess just for the heck of it lol.

    I could also use some advice on what operating system i should be using. I see there is the Apple IIgs System 6.0.1 disks available. I don't recall how the operating system was maintained, etc but will figure that out as I go.

    I was also looking at the external CF card read that is available. Would you recommend that or the internal one that is being offered.

    It has been a long time since i played with one of these so please forgive my ignorance lol.




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    Hello, welcome to the forum! I'm not sure what you mean by "the internal one that is being offered", but, the CFFA3000 is the community favorite. I have a ReactiveMicro card that while it has less features I'm happy with it.

    For now you can boot an OS with just a floppy disk - I used System 3, it was fine for looking at and running IIGS programs but I don't know if System 6 boots from disk. System 6.0.4 is a nice OS, I have that installed on my CF card.

    That amount of RAM is good enough for many apps and games, I know many RAM cards are out there and depending on what you want to do that'll make the biggest difference. I can't say cause my RAM card is a Sirius IIGS that does not work.


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