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Thread: Is it possible to fill in all twelve port openings on an Apple IIe?

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    Question Is it possible to fill in all twelve port openings on an Apple IIe?

    The Apple IIe has twelve numbered openings on the back panel for ports or cables to snake out of. Only nine of them at most were adjacent to or in line with expansion slots.

    Ever since I first laid my eyes on the back panel of a IIe decades ago, I've it possible to fill in all twelve openings with ports, cables, or peripherals of various kinds?

    No doubt there'd be thermal and power issues, if indeed it were possible to cram that many peripherals inside the case to begin with. And I'm not even sure what some of the openings (like the horizontal one above the power supply) were intended to be used for. But I'd love to see it done.

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    I always kind of assumed, with no good reason, that some overlap. That is, you could have a card with one size connector or another. For example, Disk][ connector vs Duodisk connector. You wouldn't have both on every disk interface card you have.

    I always hated those openings. The original Apple ][ V slots are so much nicer!


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