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    Question IBM PC Software

    I recently picked up a gorgeous IBM 5150 with a matching 5151 monitor at a garage sale for $30 and $20 respectively. The system is a revision A with a full 64k of RAM and completely stock, with a date code of March 1982. When powered on, the computer boots to BASIC v1.0. All I need is some software, preferably DOS and some applications to test out.

    I confirmed that the drives are double sided, so theres that. Also, the A drive works in another system. I attempted to create a DOS 1.1 and 2.0 by boot image with WinImage, both with no avail. The system just whirs the disk drive and goes straight to BASIC. I would like to run some other software, maybe a word processor or something. The only program I know of that will run in 64k is VisiCalc. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Assuming that the drives in the 5150 are 360kb double sided, is that right? And you used the working drive to make the DOS disk in question?

    What you can do is try to boot the non-5150 with a MS-DOS 5 boot disk (1.44Mb, or even a thumb-drive, cd-rom, whatever works). Then try to do a Format a: /s on a disk in the working drive and try that.

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