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Thread: Backing Up NeXT Configs

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    Default Backing Up NeXT Configs

    I have a NeXT with a working internal battery, I'd like to back up the configuration before replacing the battery (it's weakening). Is that something one does or do you just run a standard set up script when the system detects a new battery has been installed? Ever since I fried my IBM AT system by removing the battery, leading to many hours of work to get it running properly again, I have been careful to know what happens when a battery is removed *before* I do it. I will research this but if anyone already knows you'd save me the effort.

    As always if I beat you to the answer to my question I'll post it here once I find it.

    I have a NeXTstation Color btw.

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    You really don't need to back up your ROM config, just know how to access and use the ROM monitor to tell the system how to get to the boot device, it's not that complicated.

    When the system attempts to boot up, hit CONTROL + ~ to get into the NeXT> prompt area.

    Run the inspect/modify configuration parameters program "p":

    Next> p

    When asked for the "boot command", assuming you're using a SCSI hard drive enter "sd". I think it defaults to en (ethernet) if there is no configuration stored, the default is ethernet.

    Next> m
    (print memory configuration)

    Next> help
    (show me all of the available commands)

    I put up a reminder thread here:
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