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Thread: "removable disc/cartridge" SCSI drives that can act as a fixed disk drive

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    Default "removable disc/cartridge" SCSI drives that can act as a fixed disk drive

    Do these exist? My two lovely internal Zip100 drives won't boot as a hard drive on my ST01 because they report the RMB bit, therefore it gets confused, sees the drive, but does not recognize it or report it's ID/LUN because it's removable...
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    Jaz drives do this. In fact IIRC you have to run software to be able to hot swap cartridges.

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    I'd get a different controller. I've been using those discs that way for as long as they've been round. But I doubt I've even seen an ST01.

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    I know these work well with Macs:
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    Years ago I got a zip drive dirt cheap as they hit the shelves. Nice to have friends. Anyway I used it with my Mac II, probably hadn't upgraded it to a IIx at that point. It never was bootable, as the scsi address was fixed iirc. It would only occupy 6 or 7 on the acsi chain and was switch selectable iinm. Neither would it boot on a DEC 486 pizza box I obtained later, for the same reason. That thing was dreamy, it sync'ed right up to a 64khz fixed frequency monitor. I dropped a floppy disk on the open motherboard and it was always flakey after that. Can't say if a different scsi card would've made a difference, nothing back then afaik. I was using the proprietary Iomega controller with the DEC.

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    The internal drives support an ID of 0; so it shouldn't be much of a problem here. PLUS I do have another SCSI controller, the TMC-845, but I fear that the TMC-950 v8.2 BIOS won't even support the Zip drive as well; I tried booting it with the int 19h-based XUB floppy bootloader that someone posted here a while ago; BIOS couldn't find any drives, but SCSIDIAG works like a champ!

    A shame too, since the low level format absolutely went fantastic! Drives were perfectly usable, I managed to get files working on there and there were no clicking symptoms.
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    Does your ST-01 have a bios chip? From what I recall, we used an ST-01 when building a hard drive card for our 30-286 and it did not have a bios and would only recognize a hard drive.

    The other drive to try would be a Syquest 44 or 88 drive as they were able to act as a boot drive in our 486 with a Future Domain controller with a bios.

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    It does! Thanks for asking, it's a late variant with the v3.2 BIOS that supports non-Seagate drives.
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