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Thread: PDP 11/23 with RL02 in UK for sale

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    It went for 335.11 on the re-listing. By the way it actually had 2 x RL01 not RL02 as stated on the thread header and had not been switched on in 20 years having been stored in a garage so most likely many of the capacitors woud go pop when it was turned on.


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    As always it would probably have gone for a bit more if there had been some sort of delivery/transport option. This isn't the best time of year for folk travelling far to make a pick up. so a good bargain for someone.

    I don't really agree about the capacitors. Certainly you do get the odd one failing but I've found that lots of vintage kit like this powers up just fine after a long layoff. I've powered pdp8/es and pdp8/as up after 30+ years and had them come up just fine. Shame you can't say the same for some of the old TTL .

    YMMV of course and it's worth taking a bit of care.

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    My experience of old kit, particularly DEC is that the X & Y mains input filter capacitors go 'Bang', particularly if it has not been stored under optimal contidtions of temp and humidity and that a selection of old Tantalum bead capacitors tend to go bang. That was the case for my Micro 11/73. The shoe box psu is well dead!

    Indeed, as an aside in old valve kit all the paper capacitors go leaky and electrolytics tends to dry up, though less so with low voltage ones on ic based boards.

    But perhaps I am unlucky in my old kit acquisitions.


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    I bought and collected an Osbourne 1 from the same seller - Osbourne was in a terrible state.
    None of the computer kit was stored well - was actually stored in a local farmers barn.
    Be interesting to see how the PDP fares - I managed to stop myself bidding on it. The wife would have divorced me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malc View Post
    Trouble is i think the "Vintage computer hobby" scene
    over here is no where near like it is in the US, I'm surprised it got a bid.

    Last summer I've been to the UK to visit a friend over there and to pickup
    old computer material and some of the very first generation electronic calculators.
    (Several Anita MK8, Anita MK12 machines, BBC master, OSI 600 and more stuff...)

    The owner put that on a forum for years ago. Just in the way of:
    "Please come and get it, or in the end it will al go in a skip."
    While I was digging trough old postings I found that message...
    I knew it was years after he posted that, but I decided to sent him a message.
    You never know...

    Guess what: he still had it all... Not a single person had replied on that...
    The last few Anita MK8 machines that I've seen on Ebay were sold for far more then
    a decent PDP8/e or /m will do at the moment. But it seems that no one likes to just
    go there by boat or train to pick it up... So if you are not willing to ship it,
    it lowers your price dramatically...

    And to be honest, I've seen nice PDP's in the UK for sale recently. But it is a long and
    expensive journey to pick it up, if you just go for that machine alone... And if I ask if it is
    okay to pick it up in the summer to combine it with a holiday then the answer is no very often.
    They want to get rid of it and don't want it to be in their way any more...
    Well okay, then I don't buy it. It saves some money

    For me Ebay is very important to get parts like spare boards from the US. Parts don't weight
    a ton, so it is easy to ship and nearly no change of damage. But to buy complete systems
    outside Europe trough Ebay is way to expensive... Shipment and customs are insane...

    There are unfortunately only a few Altairs or PDPs here in the Netherlands...
    But hey, we have the Holborn computers over here
    Wanted: case for Altair 8800 in good or bad shape or even a replica.


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