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Thread: $2 Find: Macintosh IIci w/ Carrera040 Card

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    Quote Originally Posted by Al Kossow View Post
    the ci does not support vga scan rates
    I've used mine with a couple of LCD monitors with no issues.

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    Should work OK with an LCD. You may need an adapter. I found that the kind with dip switches seem to work better than the passthrough adapters.

    IIci differed from the IIcx in three distinct ways:

    PDS Slot
    Integrated Video
    32-bit clean ROM

    The PDS slot is really cool as it allows you to connect a card that talks directly to the CPU. Yours has one of the best upgrades available for it, a 68040 upgrade. They're fairly expensive, so you made out like a bandit.

    You can have up to 128MBs of RAM in that sucker.

    IIci is one of my favorite vintage Macs. Expandable and plenty fast. You have an excellent computer.

    It will need to be recapped, though. The PSU may need a recap, too. At the very least, give the motherboard a good scrub. Keep those bad caps from eating the traces and legs on those ICs.

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    So what's the difference between a Mac II/IIx say with a heavy weight nubus accelerator, and a IIci with a comparable pds accelerator? Is the difference in the card? Iow less logic required on the pds card, or can considerably more be accomplished? Granted nubus is going to have slower transfers or more overhead, but in many accelerator setups the host becomes essentially a terminal anyway.

    And is the chipset in the IIci essentially the same as the one in the IIcx? I realize the ci is 25mhz, while the cx is only 16.

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    The IIcx is more like a smaller version of the Macintosh II and IIx rather than the IIci. The IIci is slightly faster as you noted. I don't know enough about the hardware to say if the chipsets are the same.

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    The PDS slot of the IIci that can take an accelerator without an adapter is why they are so great. Built in video is crappy but better then nothing, it leaves you more Nubus slots open if you need them. A big box Mac II needs either a rare and expensive Radius Rocket for a CPU upgrade of an equally rare adapter plus expensive Daystar card.

    I have a Daystar PDS adapter for the IIcx in use, plus one for the LC II/III and Mac II. Those adapters are hard to find. PDS is faster then Nubus for a CPU upgrade.
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    I have a 68030 25 MHz accelerator card for a LC/LC II that I pulled out of a dumpster 20 years ago, but no idea if it works lol.


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