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Thread: ibm as400 model 9406-270

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    Default ibm as400 model 9406-270

    I've always played with a mainframe emulated by Hercules, some days ago I had the opportunity to buy a used as400 model 9406-270, I got some of the cables and etc. ( I consider as400 as a mainframe )... well, I'm a fan of the mainframe world :), and I bought one because I like it very much!!!! In other words, I bought it for being an enthusiast and I love it!

    Now I need to know how to access the as400 with terminal... ( I tried to do like in this video,, but, not work... )

    To be honest, I do not even know what the correct IPL is to boot the computer properly, so, i never accessed the computer with a terminal.... at now, I'm using this option: 01 B M V=F
    I have installed in my computer the "IBM iSeries Access for Windows"

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    ooh good luck. I spent many years on AS400. DB2 is nice. lpar etc.. IPL was the most dangerous time, our biggest fear was our 400's would not come up from IPL. We used to run v4r5 and upgraded to v5r2 I believe... been a long time.

    we used to use 5250 emulators and some crappy ibm guis..

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    Some where you should have a Twinax workstation cable.

    This cable should connect to the D-Type 25 pin female connector on the 2764 feature card. You will them need either a 5250 compatible terminal or similar equipment that will connect to port 0 on the Twinax Connection Box. You will need a short twinax cable or a couple of baluns with a cat 5 Ethernet cable. One of the device addresses on the terminal or other such equipment will need to be set to address "0".

    Once you have the hardware installed. This link should help you power on the system.

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    Thanks!! for the answers!!!

    @Jimmy, I have a 25pin to 9pin serial cable, it`s not possible to connect this cable to use with i Series Access ??

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