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Thread: ?setup XTIDE v4 in Amiga 2000 w8086 card

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    Default ?setup XTIDE v4 in Amiga 2000 w8086 card

    I've added an XTIDE rev 4 card to an Amiga 2K, but have no idea what to set all 16 dip switches to for this config, and Google has failed me. Is there any guidance you can give? What I've found so far is that the ROM address is fine at the default of D000, but I've no idea what IRQ to use, and the XTIDE came with no instructions. Searching turns up mostly results for rev two of the board, and almost nothing for rev 4.

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    Thanks for that, i gather from this that the rev 3 instructions and rev 4 boards are essentially the same, Glitchworks could probably update their instructions to reflect this and save some confusion.

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    Now I'm wondering whether the rom included with the Glitchwork kit was programmed. Is there a message visible on start-up?

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    Hi there Working on the manual, life's busy at the moment.

    If you bought the parts kit, the EEPROM is not programmed. If you bought a fully assembled+tested board, then it is programmed. The card can self-program using the XT-IDE Universal BIOS configuration program.


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