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Thread: ITT Xtra XP 80286 6MHz clone & An ITT Mmeory Expansion Board

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    So one cool thing about the ITT Xtra XP 80286 system is the keyboard code to slow it down to an XT class machine is CTRL-ALT-\ as I mentioned before. There is another very cool feature on this system and that is the built-in diagnostic ROM. If you press CTRL-ALT-ESC you will be taken to an arrow prompt. Just type "h" and enter and you will be taken to a full diagnostic menu so you can test the entire system. A very cool feature indeed. Although, I would not trust the memory test completely as Checkit v2.1 found a memory error where as the internal ROM diag on the machine did not detect the memory error.

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    ok, since mine was bought surplus, who knows what got thrown in the box. Mine was the Xtra XP, 6mhz sounds right. I have fond memories of playing and hacking 2400 A.D. on it. The game was more hype then anything. I had more fun playing Mars Saga on the C64.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2icebitn View Post
    ok, since mine was bought surplus, who knows what got thrown in the box. Mine was the Xtra XP, 6mhz sounds right. I have fond memories of playing and hacking 2400 A.D. on it. The game was more hype then anything. I had more fun playing Mars Saga on the C64.
    I prefer the keyboard you had because of the grooved lines that run across the keyboard casing looks more attractive, but honestly finding an ITT keyboard of any sort from this era is very difficult and I lucked out getting this one due to a very nice individual.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2icebitn View Post
    did you show us photos of the unit? That keyboard looks different from mine:

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    and mine was pristine and i chucked it!
    omg why?!?!

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    So I need some advice. CheckIT is reporting the first area of memory is bad on the ITT Xtra XP motherboard. If you are familiar with CheckIT the first two boxes report as XX and the rest of the memory is all check marks. I have tried replacing the DRAM and still the same results. At this point what would some of you suggest? Could one of the caps next to the sockets be bad? I was thinking about getting the solder station out and reflowing each joint of the socket legs. I honestly don't know which is the first DRAM in the bank that CheckIT is reporting. In the photo I have the first bank of memory boxed in red that has the possible bad socket somewhere. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Is the system otherwise stable? Can you load down the memory with some program and not have errors? There are 9 chips per bank, are you getting any parity errors? There is 1mb of ram in that image, maybe, there is some conflict in software. it is attempting to read memory and maybe there is rom addressed there. So it might think there is an error, and in reality its talking to the video buffer.

    Just my thought.
    It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes.

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    If it ain't broke don't fix it.

    Ironically my old unit's p/s was flaking out, so I pulled the board from the case, haphazardly hit a bunch of spots on tne bottom of the board with a soldering iron and after I put it all back together the problem was alleviated.
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    Yeah. I don't want to make a situation worse. The internal diagnostic ROM on the motherboard which you access by pressing CTRL-ALT-ESC shows all memory good. So I think CheckIT may not be reading the memory properly. I'll try what you said and load up a good size chunk of the memory and see what happens. I still need a driver for that damn memory board though. I am going to try an AT&T memory board driver next.
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    ITT Xtra XP restore is done. This system was really in pristine condition. The innards look basically unused. Did a vinegar treatment on the underside of the motherboard to clean up residual flux which cleaned up very nicely. Replaced the original full length CGA card with a Paradise VGA. Also installed a multi I/O card for the NIB vintage joystick I have on the way. Reseated every chip on the motherboard as well. The keyboard had a full scrub down inside and out as some of you know from a previous post, but I decided against a retrobrite. All checks out ok. Never did find the driver for that ITT Xtra memory board expansion card so I removed it. It has 640K on-board and that is plenty for a dual 360K floppy system TBH. From my research and the advice from some of you in this thread the memory expansion card was used for hard disk cache, print spooling or a RAM disk via special ITT utilities. Anyways, that vintage joystick I have on the way... I like the whole weird cowboy with the finger guns and the name... WOTTA SHOOTAH... This will be off to the museum I donate to shortly and they are accepting it with open arms. It really is satisfying giving these triple decade machines new life.


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    Congratulations. What are your plans for the cga catd? My system as I mentioned came absolutely bare bones. Never even gave any thought to what vid card they supplied.


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