Hi, all...

I have an Apple lle complete with working Duodisc 5.25” floppy disc drive, green tilt screen monitor and a couple of mice, along with some boot discs, and possibly a few programs. The system is working, but when the computer was first tested and finally booted for the first time, WWlll was in full swing in the monitor as about twenty or so tantalum caps committed suicide in quick succession. Before I realized, one of the caps knocked out power to the monitor, so upon opening the monitor’s casing, I noticed a fuse in the power circuit had blown. That was easy to test, and fix. When replacing the fuse, I added a fuse holder, as the bad fuse was originally soldered to the power circuit board. I left the blown fuse in place on the circuit board, so when, and if I needed to replace the blown caps, I would “clean up the work I had done, and re-solder the fuse holder to make it look more more professional looking.

Now, the monitor works fine, as well as the rest of the system, but I have NOT replaced the blown caps on the advice of a few members of VCF when I first got it. That was about 6 or 7 years ago. The system has had no more failures since my “repair”.

I am thinking of selling the system, so I can raise the money to work on another computer in my collection; a TRS-80 Model 4. I want to purchase a 64K memory upgrade kit, and swap out the 180Kb single sided 5.25” floppy drives for twin 5.25” 360Kb double sided floppy drives, and possibly change out the black and white in favor of a compatible amber monitor. The amber display is definitely one of the most important upgrades, and is easily the most expensive.

Sorry for telling you about my upcoming project, but I thought someone here might have some of the parts I need, and would be willing to make some kind of offer, possibly cash (PayPal) and either a memory upgrade, and/or the amber display.

Please send me a private message if you have any questions, or to make an offer. If my Apple lle system is not worth enough money to cover these parts (minus the floppy drives. I already have a pair of FH 360Kb floppy disc drives for this project. But I can add in the twin 5.25 FH single sided floppy drives for sale too, if someone needs them).

I really hate to let this setup go, as it was my first Vintage computer, and the one that lit that little spark which opened the floodgates to a full fledged fixation into my hobby of collecting, repairing, and upgrading these machines to be the best they can be with all period specific peripherals, and components.

Thanks in advance. Hope y’all have a great holiday season.