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Thread: looking for cga supported games but unable to find them

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    Quote Originally Posted by hargle View Post
    and out of your 8 titles that gave you trouble, I've counted at least 4 reasons you too would benefit from the work being done in TDC.
    Yeah. I was a bit harsh in my initial criticism, and no doubt you put on good work. All this detective work could have been avoided by using disk images is all I'm saying (to the guy who said .zip were good enough).

    All these files and games were collected when space was an issue, and because it was contemporary to the actual release of the games, everybody was concerned about being able to play the games (cracks), not preserving them. No one cares about preservation of current media, because current media is plentiful.

    I found the install files for Wasteland, which are from two 360K disks pooled together. Luckily the installer works as a single 720K disk. This game is still a bit of a mystery, because it makes me create three game disks containing 360K worth of files. The manual describes 720K install and game disks, but I can't find any information about it on the internet. Every box I saw online were for the 360K version. Neither Mobygames nor the Wasteland wiki say anything about 720K. The 360K launcher doesn't allow disk pooling, everything has to be kept on three separate disks else it's complaining. It's frustrating because having the data on 720K disks would minimise a lot of the disk swapping. And it was apparently possible somehow.

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    For me the TDC collection is a life saver no more looking in movie games and then going to the abandon ware sites, loosing time having to deal in the download limits and the random exes they offer sometimes in place of the games full of malware.

    For me the way that TDC is packed is very convenient, have a network card on my ibm portable and mtcp configured i just have to start the ftpsrv on the ibm and upload the games there.

    Also that the games are already in zip files and have the cracks its a convenience if not you cannot play the game and is the most important thing being able to play it.

    On the tdc they are multiple versions of each game and at least they have all the sound and video mode files support, not like the ones on abandonware sites that have been trimmed down and have just cga and sound blaster.

    Getting the torrent is not that hard and i'm sharing it 24h on my pc so they are seed for it sure, for me the original download torrent take only a few hours.

    There a lot of stuff in there somebody do it, and they deserve some respect for the hard work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stone View Post
    What's the fascination with disk images?
    Most people -- who are well-meaning -- don't get the options right on pkzip, and so they unwillingly create zip files that aren't full copies of the data. For example, almost everyone omits the -$ option that preserves the volume label. Disk images are useful for verifying that you have the correct names, dates, flags, etc.

    Aside from that, disk images can be historically relevant. For example, the original Wizardry PC distribution (which is a bootable disk, can't use .zip anyway) was created from disks the authors were constantly reusing, so if you look at all sectors on the disk, you can see bits of the original UCSD Pascal Wizardry source code.

    Quote Originally Posted by khaz View Post
    I'll give you a few examples, that prompted me to specifically look for disk images.
    These are good examples; they are mostly installer disks, and you're right, they require everything to be in place for the installer to work. That said, TDC has multiple versions of everything, including the installation files, so there is some coverage.

    - King's Quest DOS: originally released as a single 360K, the archive on the internet is somehow 395K. I'm using a 3.5 drive so I myself don't mind, but it's not cool for the others.
    Actually, the original release was a booter, and some bootable images released in the 1990s were done so in a format that preserved the protection but only worked with a few programs, like Flopper. It's possible you found one of those dumps. Most bootable dumps are properly sized.

    Quote Originally Posted by soviet9922 View Post
    There a lot of stuff in there somebody do it, and they deserve some respect for the hard work.
    It's a team of volunteers, whose work is funneled and verified through (currently) a single curator. And they thank you for the kind words.
    Offering a bounty for:
    - The software "Overhead Express" (doesn't have to be original, can be a copy)
    - A working Sanyo MBC-775, Olivetti M24, or Logabax 1600
    - Documentation and original disks for: Panasonic Sr. Partner, Zenith Z-160 series
    - Music Construction Set, IBM Music Feature edition (has red sticker on front stating IBM Music Feature)

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    Hi girls/guys!
    My Toshiba t3100e is under preparation for her first exhibition. Nicely cleaned, still has some keyboard errors that I won't fix those little metal plates (need to press "6" bit harder, "U" is too sensitive, etc), added cyrix 287 FastMath and an intel 8bit SB2.0 clone sound card. There will be 9 old laptops, with gas-plasma display, including mine. And it will be hands on: try and play for a weekend.
    And here comes my question, what should be played on this old laptop? I've skipped gaming on Hercules-CGA-EGA line, as there was no game allowed in our school, but I'm looking for simple, easy to sit and play games for 286, CGA. With sound, not beeper (let other oldies beep).
    What comes in my mind:
    Prehistorik - tested working, but it will run on many other PCs (last year experience)
    Prince of Persia - tested working, one of to play candidate.
    Supremacy (Overlord) - tested, working, but too long strategy game.
    May to stick to Alley cat and other nice beeper games if you have.

    Also was thinking to run demo 8088 MPH or 8088 Domination, however the 286 is far strong and Domination is 30Mb, will leave less space for games and not sure these old laptops will love the whole day demo run.

    So what would you recommend? (yes, I can also filter for CGA games on moby, but honestly can't try all)

    On legal side, I would stick to shareware, try out demo, freeware games to avoid any conflict with law. How can I check games legal status? I've checked on Moby, no detail, and quite few games are on, and not sure if it is really abandoned.

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    Lemmings plays well in CGA.


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