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Thread: running galaxy mod player on cga

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    the file selector have big amounts of cga snow, but still don't make the software unusable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scali View Post
    Did a quick reverse-engineering of GLX212.
    Conclusion: it accesses the screen via a far pointer, which is initialized to B000:0000 by default, so the MDA framebuffer.
    It uses all sorts of fancy int 10h calls, which aren't supported by MDA or CGA.
    So it 'defaults' to MDA if the int 10h stuff doesn't work, because that's how the framebuffer is initialized.
    If the int 10h calls work, it overwrites the far pointer to B800:0000.

    Simple fix: patch the default value of the buffer, so it is initialized to B800:0000
    I've done this for you:
    My copy was packed with PKLITE, so I used unp.exe first to unpack it. Then I located the pointer, which is at offset 10D31 in the file.
    I changed byte 'B0' to 'B8' there. And there you go.
    I finally got around to trying your updated version, thanks heaps for your efforts, it works great now!!!
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