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Thread: D.R.E.A.M. 6800 Build

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    There is definitely a few on ebay if all else fails.

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    Just finished (after about 3 months awaiting part) the build of my 40th anniversary edition of the board. I am hoping someone might be able to help me. Two things not quite right on mine.

    1. The video out is scrolling vertically rather fast. When I went to put the scope on to see whats what I had trouble getting my lead connected to a ground and tried the speaker ground which sparked and the video scrolling suddenly slowed down enough to take the photo. No idea where to go to to stop the scroll as I dont have a screen that I can adjust the vertical hold on.

    2. The NE566 is getting really hot, so much so I almost burned my finger on it. At that time I turn my dream off.

    Any suggestions on where to look would be appreciated. In the mean time, its time to study he EA articles.



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    Welcome to VCFED (as this is your first post).

    I have to order some more parts yet to finish mine off - next job on my list!

    For the video, have you seen the errata notes at (particularly about the 4040)?

    If the NE566 is getting hot that indicates one of three things:

    1) The NE566 is dead.
    2) The NE566 has been fitted the wrong way round (and, therefore item 1 probably applies as well).
    3) The -5V supply is incorrect.

    I am sure you have probably considered all of these three things anyhow.



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