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Thread: Putting Tandy 102 back together

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    Default Putting Tandy 102 back together

    I just got a like-new 102, and decided to open her up to see the condition of the battery. Now I'm trying to put it back together, and I'm about to give up... The LCD can be laid flat on top of the black paper that separates the motherboard from it, but the keyboard is another story. No matter how I try to align it, the top case is not going on easily, and if I force it, either the top keys on the bottom keys stick. There are also 3 little blocks that fell out when I was disassembling it, and I'm not sure where they go now - do they line up against the LCD?

    Any help would be appreciated...

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    Don`t give up !!!.
    Motherboard not seated properly. DO NOT use force.
    3 little blocks are parts of 3 switches.
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    I got it all back together, but man was it a PITA. the 3 little blocks are standoffs between LCD and motherboard and keyboard, but they are loose, so fall out easily... 100 is MUCH easier to work on than the 102.


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