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Thread: Has anyone seen this book? "The secrets of ROM revealed"

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    Default Has anyone seen this book? "The secrets of ROM revealed"

    I was reading an old Portable 100 magazine from April of 1989 and there was a review of the book, "The secrets of ROM revealed". I can't find an eBook version or any other reference to it online, nor can I find the physical book on eBay.

    The review hints at the fun you can have burning ROMs for the Tandy 100/102/200, but I can't find a trace of it. Has anyone seen this book, and/or the accompanying software?

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    The book, Mo Budlong's "The Secrets of ROM Revealed" (1988) is at the Internet Archive, here:
    The contents of the accompanying disk (sold separately for $10) are at the bottom of the technical reference page at Club 100:

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    Thanks! For both items!

    I was looking in the archive yesterday - not sure what I searched for, but I'm glad y'all were better at it than I.


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