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Thread: HD ide on pc xt??

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    Default HD ide on pc xt??

    Hi guys, I know you are phenomena and always manage to solve the problems of others, you are fantastic !!

    Since I have an IBM clone to be exact I have a Philips PCB100 of 1990/91,I would like to insert in IDE hard disk,on the motherboard with 2 connections one for floppy and the other for hard disk (40 pins).
    I tried using bios to set up hard disk but from bios I can only change the date and disable floppy 1 and floppy 2.
    I tried to install many types of modern and old hard disks like the Caviar 1210 200mb but I could not make it recognizable..
    I also tried to change all the jumpers on the motherboard but nothing is never recognized.
    Is it possible to start an ide hard disk on this motherboard?


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    Some later 8088 computers (eg. Commodore PC 10-III) had 8bit pre-IDE interface (XTA). Only a few drivers supported this mode of operation.
    You will find some info here:

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    If that is an 8088/XT based system and that is really an IDE port, then it probably needs one of the rare XTA IDE drives instead of an ATA IDE drive.

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    So the classic IDE are all 16 bit

    So it is possible that this motherboard does not recognize the 16 bit IDE..

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    Yes. You may have an old drive that has a jumper/dip switches to designate XTA.
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    I would take a peek/google at using an XT-IDE or XT-CF card in the system, which will allow you to run a 16 bit drive or CompactFlash card and have nice things like auto-detect.

    If you have the option to disable the onboard HDC (jumper somewhere?) you could also run traditional MFM or RLL as most XT's did. (Quite common to find a Commodore PC10 with an XTA connector for IDE, but a generic MFM/RLL card and drive installed).
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    Please post a picture of your Philips. PCB 100 makes no sense. Grazie!

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    Hi Peter, I posted it to the first message at the end of the text ..


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