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Thread: How use programmer to burn Supersoft roms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dwight Elvey View Post
    If the chip from the 5170 didn't work, it is quite likely that there is something else wrong. The AT bus activity to turn on A20 is quite specified on the AT machines. I doubt the command to the 8242 from the bus is any different on a Dell or on a IBM. Even if it had different code inside, it would need to look the same from the bus. There might be differences, though, on which pin drove A20, on the 8742. That is possible but not likely. A schematic would show any pin differences.

    Thanks for that info again Dwight, I am not a skilled as you I am afraid my expertise is a Motorcycle mechanic and vintage Computers are just a hobby. Ive learnt loads over the years but its ongoing so please forgive my limitations. Anyway Dwiight its my fault but this thread has sort of gone off topic, which was originally about learning how to use my new Rom programmer & creating a set of SuperSoft Roms.
    I do actually have a dedicated and active thread on the problem with the Dell keyboard controller here:

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    roadrash I'm in the Netherlands and my programmer can read and write the Intel D8742 so if shipping is not to expensive for you i can try to dump the firmware.


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